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Dentophobia refers to the fear of dentists, dental treatment and procedures. While dentophobia is reasonably common and affects people of all ages, it can cause many problems when it comes to a person’s oral health.

can misaligned teeth cause headaches

Can misaligned teeth cause headaches? If your child often complains of headaches, it might actually be related to his/her jaw and teeth misalignment...

misaligned teeth

Misalignment teeth can contribute to mouth breathing and interfere with speaking and eating, can cause teeth to wear out early, and affect the overall appearance of your face...

wisdom tooth extraction

A wisdom tooth extraction is done to correct an actual problem or to prevent problems that may come up in the future. Here we look at when wisdom tooth extraction becomes necessary, and all the care you need to take post surgery.

Here are some tips on what to do in a dental emergency. They include care for knocked out tooth, fractured/chipped tooth, lost crown, swelling in the gums, sharp toothache at night etc.

how to take care of children's teeth

Some parents might wonder, “Are baby teeth really that important to my child?” Primary, or

mouth breathing

All of us are born with our mouths closed, breathing through the nose. If we deviate from there anytime, this is a sign to be concerned.

Just when you thought you and your baby had mastered breastfeeding, established a comfortable sleeping pattern and happily started solids, out come those little pearly whites!

The position of teeth depends on the function of the lips, tongue and cheek. The way the baby teeth erupt does not determine their final position.

Regular dental visits are ideal to ensure that your child remains cavity free & receives hygiene instructions to maintain healthy gums.