About DP Dental

DP Dental is a unique boutique practice providing healthcare with an integrative and functional approach. With two branches in Kovan and Orchard, DP Dental has been providing ethical and evidence-based dentistry for the past 16 years. 

We travel the world seeking the latest and most updated knowledge and skills to solve problems at the root cause and providing the best available minimally-invasive solutions. 

We are also progressive practitioners who teach as much as we learn. All in all, we only prescribe for our patients what we would for our own family members.

DP Dental started in 2006 as a small practice with one dental chair. We have since grown into two branches with eight chairs and a team of close to 30 people in 13 years. Together, we have created a unique boutique practice.

Over the years, we have served clients who fly in from the world over to experience this integrative and functional approach to healthcare. We strongly believe in the practice of honest dentistry with a heart and that businesses should run accordingly.

The Mandarin name for our practice 诚芯牙医, translates this perfectly. Strong ethics and values shape and define our personality and work culture. Our practice only hires those who have a great attitude and an open mind for learning.

Our team travels the world seeking more knowledge and skills to align with international protocols and applications. We then establish best practices to integrate them into the framework of healthcare provision in Singapore.

Our core values


Our Brands

DP Dental is a a wholly-owned subsidiary of DP Healthverse Holdings PL. DP Healthverse Holdings PL is a progressive and purpose-driven healthcare group with a mission to provide people-centric care and solve problems at their root cause. Our brands include:

We practice functional dentistry to optimise general well-being. Are you ready to take charge of your well-being?