DP Dental Case Studies

Invisalign Singapore

At DP Dental, we are extremely proud to be an Invisalign Diamond Provider. To be

root canal treatment in Singapore

How do I know if I need a root canal? Is it going to be painful? Find the answers to the most common questions about root canal treatment in Singapore

sleep apnea treatment in Singapore

At DP Dental, we have dentists trained in sleep medicine. Therefore we can screen and effectively treat adults and children for sleep-related breathing disorders. 

Sleep apnea case study

This sleep apnea case study was managed through CPAP and a combination of orthodontics, lifestyle changes, myofunctional therapy and lingual frenotomy. 

TMJ case study

In this TMD case study, the patient had been suffering from disturbed sleep, jaw clenching, pain in the jaw joints and muscles, swollen face and poor swallowing. Read how we managed it the case...

TMJ Disorder Case

In this TMJ disorder case study, we look at a patient with painful Jaw, closed-Lock and clicking in joints

TMJ Disorder Case Study

In this TMJ disorder case study, we look at a patient with deviated lower jaw, with a crossbite at the canine region on the left side...

Have you been suffering from unexplained spells of dizziness? If you have been experiencing  constant

myofunctional therapy for kids

Myofunctional therapy is a combination of physical therapy exercises for the mouth, tongue, and face muscles. The exercises are designed specifically to improve your chewing and swallowing, and most importantly, the way you breathe.

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