Kids' dentistry

Your child’s first experience at the dentist should be a happy and memorable one! This initial positive experience allows them to have the right mindset towards their future dental appointments.   

Getting an early start in regular dental visits not only establishes healthy lifetime habits but minimises dental fear in your child. 

At DP Dental, we try our best to make your child’s first visit fun and interactive. The main focus is to acquaint your child with the dental team and the sights and sounds of the tools and equipment.

At what age should your child have their first dental appointment?

We recommend parents bring their kids in for their first dental visit by the age of one to two years old when they would be close to (or already) have a complete set of 20 milk teeth.

After that, regular dental visits of at least two a year are ideal. We ensure that your child remains cavity-free during these visits and receives adequate hygiene instructions to maintain healthy gums. 

We also monitor their dental development, especially when they begin to grow permanent teeth. Early detection of dental problems typically translates to a more comfortable and affordable treatment for your child. Read more about preparing your child for their first dental visit here.

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What to expect on your child's first dental visit?

The importance of early dental checks in young children

Dental caries is one of the most common diseases seen in children. It is important for parents to note that dental caries in milk teeth are a preventable and reversible infectious disease process that results in pain when left untreated. 

It can also affect the the growth and development of the child’s speech, lead to premature tooth loss resulting in compromised chewing, self-esteem issues and affect the adult teeth.

As the health and welfare of infants and young children are dependent on the primary caregiver, the caregiver needs to recognise early signs of caries in infants and young children.

Early non-cavitated caries often appears smooth, dull, white, or brown spots on the upper milk teeth. In contrast, cavitated caries emerge as brownish, rough breaks on usually smooth tooth surfaces.

However, it is entirely possible to prevent early childhood caries by starting age-appropriate oral hygiene care. You can get your child teeth checked even as early as before the eruption of the child’s first tooth and continuing until the child can perform oral care independently.

Here are some tips for your child's oral care:

Read more about kids oral health care here.

Your frequently asked questions answered.

Dentophobia is an actual condition that can affect both adults and kids. Read our detailed blog post on this condition here.  

If your child often complains of headaches and you notice that they often breathe through their mouth or that their teeth are not well-aligned, your child’s headache might be related to their jaw and teeth misalignment. Read more here.

According to the Clinical Director at DP Dental, Dr Yue Weng Cheu, even the slightest mouth opening when sleeping could indicate that a child is a mouth breather. It is also crucial to understand the importance of spotting those signs early as they could manifest into more significant health issues later on. Here are some adverse effects and signs and symptoms of mouth breathing.

Teething can be a challenging process for both babies and parents. 

At DP Dental, we are all about general dentistry with a functional twist. We are incredibly passionate about solving problems at the root, even before they manifest as symptoms. Having met many a new flustered parent, our Clinical Director, Dr Yue Weng Cheu, was only too happy to answer some pressing questions on teething here.

If you notice your child’s baby teeth are not straight, you should note the tongue’s position and check whether there is a mouth breathing habit. Read more here

Habit correction may also help in correcting crooked teeth. Read more about how early intervention and habit correction address crooked teeth here

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