Same day crown with CAD-CAM technology

What is Same day Crown?

Crowns are a highly effective solution for restoring damaged or decayed teeth. Traditionally, obtaining a crown involved multiple appointments and a waiting period for a lab to manufacture the crown. With our same day crowns, you can address the restoration needs of damaged, decayed, cracked, or broken teeth—all in a single day.

Thanks to CEREC technology, a single visit to our skilled practitioners is all it takes for a new, natural, permanently fixed ceramic (porcelain) crown. Say goodbye to prolonged waiting periods for laboratory-crafted crowns, the need for additional visits for adjustments, and the inconvenience of temporary crowns.

Our experienced doctors at DP Dental will skillfully shape your tooth, employ the precision of the CEREC machine for scanning, and complete the milling process in our on-site laboratory. The result is a flawlessly accurate, precisely fitted, and naturally appealing ceramic (porcelain) crown—all achieved on the same day, enhancing both the efficiency and quality of your dental treatment.

What is a dental crown?

A dental crown is a tooth-shaped cover that fits your natural tooth’s existing structure to protect and restore the tooth’s function.

Where are crowns used?

    • After root canal treatment to help strengthen the tooth
    • For strengthening of teeth weakened by decay or a large filling
    • To protect fractured, cracked and worn teeth
    • To restore dental implants. The crown is attached to the implant, providing a natural-looking and functional replacement for a missing tooth
    • To improve the shape, alignment and shade of a tooth
same day crown in Singapore

How do Same Day Crowns work?

Same day crowns at DP Dental utilize CEREC technology for a faster process than traditional crowns. Despite the speed, our CEREC crowns are precise and personalized, taking into account factors like your bite and how the crown fits with your neighboring teeth. It’s efficient, accurate, and tailored just for you.

same day crown in singapore

1. Initial Consultation

During your consultation, we will assess your tooth’s condition, check for damage, and evaluate if a dental crown is suitable.

We may use 3D scans, professional photos, and X-rays to identify underlying issues and understand your concerns better.

If we find anything unusual, our dentists will discuss alternative treatment options with you.

same day crown in Singapore

2. Preparing Your Teeth

Crown preparation is a procedure where our dentist readies your tooth to receive a dental crown.

We carefully remove any decay and reshape the underlying tooth to make room for the crown.

The aim is to achieve a precise fit for the crown, providing optimal protection and strength for your tooth.

same day crown in singapore

3. Crown Designing

Using CAD/CAM (Computer-Aided Design/Computer-Aided Manufacturing) software, we create a virtual model of your tooth on a computer, adjusting the design for shape, size, and bite alignment to ensure a perfect fit.

Once the virtual design is ready, the CAD software communicates with a milling machine (CAM) to craft your crown with precision.

same day crown in singapore

4. In House Milling

Using the CEREC machine, we craft your crown from strong, durable ceramic, perfectly matched to the colour, shape, and size of your neighbouring teeth.

We add swift artistic touches to ensure your crown looks like your real tooth. Once completed, your crown undergoes strengthening and decontamination in a specialised furnace for optimal durability.

same day crown in Singapore

5. Immediate Placement

Your dentist conducts a thorough check to confirm the crown fits precisely on your tooth and seamlessly integrates with your surrounding teeth.

Once the fit is perfect, the crown undergoes meticulous cleaning and conditioning. We then utilise advanced dental adhesives to securely and permanently affix the crown in its designated position.

Advantages of Same Day Crowns Over Traditional Dental Crowns

Why Same Day Crown @ DP Dental?

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