TMJ Disorder Case Study: Deviation Of Lower Jaw And Facial Asymmetry

TMJ Disorder Case Study: Deviation Of Lower Jaw And Facial Asymmetry

TMJ Disorder Case Study: Case History

When we first examined Hannah (not her real name), her lower jaw deviated to the left. There was a crossbite at the canine region on the left side. We also noticed slight facial asymmetry, with her smile line not harmonised. 

Treatment Plan:

The first step was to do Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation (TENS). Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation, also known as TENS, is a method of pain relief involving the use of a mild electrical current. This causes the muscles to contract and relax in a precise sequence and at a scientifically determined rate so they can work out tension, eliminate toxins and relieve pain.

Using sophisticated equipment that produces objective measurements, we can then choose the position of maximum rest for your muscles and whether your jaw can rest comfortably in that position.

After the procedure, Hannah’s jaw naturally tracked back to the comfortable position without the interference of her teeth. 

This process gave us the bite and guided us on to the next phase of correction. 

Once we had the bite, we scanned it in for Invisalign. There was steady progress, and the teeth started aligning as per our plan. In fact, after the first set of aligners, we could see that we had achieved an improvement.

The upper right side of the teeth was now more upright, which cleared the path for the jaw to return to the right, allowing for the midline to coincide. We also got a better reference from the canine, and from there, we could improve on the interdigitation. 

After the first round, there was a noticeable improvement in the facial asymmetry and smile line.

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Dr. Yue Weng Cheu

Dr. Yue Weng Cheu completed his BDS degree at the National University of Singapore and was awarded The Pierre Fauchard Academy Foundation Annual Scholarship Award.