Laser-assisted Periodontal treatment


Although Root Planing (deep cleaning) is effective at removing plaque buildup of teeth in patients with periodontal (gum) disease, it does not eliminate all the bacteria that cause gum disease. When necessary, treatment may also include LASER-Assisted Gum Treatment to effectively disinfect the pockets between the gum and the tooth root to remove bacteria.

Using precise laser beams targeting calculus beneath the gum line, removal of the subgingival calculus is quick and controlled; with minimal pain. Bacteria are killed, and existing biofilm on the tooth surface is dehydrated and deactivated. The integrated water supply cools the preparation site and also rinses out the removed calculus debris. The gentle, touch-free and necrosis-free procedures with our laser technology facilitate faster wound healing without postoperative complications.

Through its germicidal effect, our laser technology can be used to treat even the most difficult periodontitis and periimplantitis cases very efficiently and effectively.

At DP Dental, we strive to provide the most gentle and effective treatments for our patients. We are proud to care for our patients using state-of-the-art technologies – the KaVo KEY LASER 3+ and Waterlase.

Our laser technology does not only offer high preparation speed, but it is also minimally invasive in cavity preparation, periodontics, endodontics, gum disinfection and surgical procedures.