How Myobrace Treatment Works: A Guide To Natural Orthodontics

How Myobrace Treatment Works: A Guide To Natural Orthodontics

How Myobrace Treatment Works: A Guide To Natural Orthodontics


Myobrace is a non-invasive pre-orthodontic treatment plan that addresses the underlying causes of crooked and malaligned teeth during dental development. 

Many children develop malocclusion of teeth due to improper oral habits developed in the first few years of life. These habits disrupt the craniofacial harmony of the face leading to many orthodontic problems over time. 

Therefore, treating children while their jaws grow is more effective than corrective braces. Instead of waiting for permanent teeth, parents can now choose a proactive treatment option called Myobrace to correct orthodontic problems beforehand.

Myobrace is an innovative dental technology that facilitates proper jaw development in children. It aims to expand their oral arches to house the erupting teeth.

With appropriate treatment at an early age, your child can correct the underlying causes of tooth malocclusion and eliminate the need for braces later in life.

At DP Dental, we encourage parents to report bad oral habits in their children as soon as they are first spotted. These include breathing through the mouth, thumb sucking, or tongue thrusting. If your little one shows these signs, book a consultation with DP Dental, one of Singapore’s first certified Myobrace providers.

Keep reading on to explore what Myobrace therapy is, who needs it, and why it is preferred over traditional braces. 

What is Myobrace treatment?

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Myobrace System is a non-invasive approach to correcting oral habits, enhancing breathing patterns, and promoting proper arch development in children. They not only correct the malocclusion of teeth but also address the underlying habits that are responsible for bite misalignment. Unlike traditional braces, these advanced appliances are worn for only two to three hours daily and overnight while sleeping. 

Studies acknowledge that poor oral habits hinder the craniofacial growth of your child. Thumb sucking, mouth breathing, and tongue thrusting can affect how your child develops their jaw, bite, and airway.

Focusing on the underlying causes of bite misalignment, Myobrace prevents many orthodontic problems down the line. 

These appliances are made of flexible silicone material that adapts to any arch form. Wearing these appliances helps your child breathe through the nose, develop proper tongue posture, and eliminate improper oral habits. Consequently, it expands the arch to create enough space for the new teeth to align correctly.

In addition to wearing these appliances, we encourage patients to perform regular oral exercises. These include proper breathing, tongue, lips, and cheek movements to retrain their muscles.

The Myobrace treatment is generally advised for children between five and fifteen years of age. Although it can work for older ages, early intervention often results in quicker responses and better outcomes.

Your child’s Myobrace journey can span two to three years. Since these braces are removable, the duration depends upon compliance with the treatment.

Benefits Of Myobrace Treatment

The Myobrace System corrects poor oral habits, rectifies tongue posture, and eliminates the need for orthodontic corrections. Ultimately, correct tongue posture ensures there is enough room for the teeth and a more attractive face.

A few advantages of Myobrace are,

  • It expands the arch and creates space for all permanent teeth to fit. 
  • It trains facial muscles to overcome bad oral habits like thumb-sucking and mouth-breathing.
  • Myobrace improves tongue and lip postures to treat disordered breathing.
  • Unlike braces, it is removable and does not restrict diet and other activities.
  • It is a permanent solution for crooked or misaligned teeth. 

Upon completion of Myobrace therapy, your child will be able to position their tongue correctly, breathe through the nose, and rest their tongue properly.

Who needs Myobrace Therapy?

Myofunctional therapy is ideal for anyone who wants to naturally address crooked or misaligned teeth. If you spot any of these signs in your child, they may require Myobrace therapy to prevent long-term complications. 

  • Mouth breathing
  • Overview or underbite
  • Thumb or finger sucking 
  • Speech issues
  • Teeth grinding
  • Snoring
  • Restless night sleeps 

If your child displays these signs, or you want to ensure proper arch development to eliminate the need for braces later in life, Myobrace is the way to go.

How Does Myobrace Work?

how does myobrace work

Your tongue is a strong muscle that rests on the roof of your mouth. It has the ability to dictate how the face forms and how the teeth align inside the mouth. The correct posture of the tongue ensures that the lips are sealed and the jaws are together for the ideal growth of your face.

When the tongue does not rest against the roof of your mouth, it can block the airway during sleep. Eventually, your child starts to breathe through the mouth to maintain the airway. Thumb sucking and jaw thrusting also contribute to abnormal jaw development in children leading to a wide range of orthodontic problems. 

Myobrace therapy uses myofunctional techniques to address poor muscular habits. It exerts mild forces to align the teeth onto their ideal position.

By correcting the underlying causes of abnormal tongue posture and emphasising proper oral habits through Myobrace treatment, you can ensure that your child has enough room for teeth in their mouth.

Through early intervention, these removable oral appliances are able to expand the growing arch and create more room for teeth to facilitate proper alignment. These trainers also help in treating issues like tongue thrusting, mouth breathing, and thumb sucking. 

A Myobrace treatment program typically consists of four stages. 

Stage 1: Habit Correction:

Correcting negative oral habits is the first goal of Myobrace therapy. This phase focuses on training your child to breathe through the nose, keeping the lips together, and keeping the lips together. Correcting these oral habits will give your child the best chance to expand their arch and proper jaw growth to allow the teeth to be naturally straight and healthy.

Stage 2: Arch Development

The next step is expanding the arch to make sure that there is enough space to accommodate the tongue and all of the teeth coming in. Proper arch development eliminates the risk of overcrowding and teeth malocclusion.

Stage 3: Dental alignment:

During this stage, Myobrace exerts mild force to align your teeth to their perfect positions. Ideally, this phase starts when all the permanent teeth have erupted through the gums. 

Stage 4: Retention:

Like any other form of orthodontic appliance, retainers are used at the end of Myobrace therapy. They prevent the teeth from jumping back to their previous positions.

Myobrace is an effective natural treatment to correct Myofunctional issues at an early stage. The best time to start Myobrace therapy is while your child is growing. 

If you are looking for a certified Myobrace provider in Singapore, book a consultation at DP Dental today. Our dedicated doctors at DP Dental are trained and certified in Myofunctional treatment to help your child prevent or resolve orthodontic issues at their root cause.

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