Why You MUST Breathe Through Your Nose

nasal breathing

Studies have shown that nasal breathing is the ideal way to breathe. However, you may wonder why that is so. The mucous in the nose helps to filter, warm, humidify and slow down the air as we breathe. The paranasal lining also produce nitric oxide NO to help improve blood vessel dilations to increase oxygen exchange in the lungs. It is a strong antibacterial agent as well. If we use the mouth to breath, we will miss out on all the goodness of the nasal nourishment.



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Mouth breathing reduces the oxygen supply that your body receives. It is associated with low tongue posture, which in turn, is causing airway obstruction. This is especially critical when sleeping, leading to snoring and even sleep apnea. Oxygen reduction in the blood can cause heart attack and brain dysfunction. Some may experience daytime sleepiness and poor performance at work or in school.

“Borrowing the wise words of Stanford University Sleep researcher, the late Prof Christian Guilleminault: Mouth breathing is never normal.”