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Just when you thought you and your baby had mastered breastfeeding, established a comfortable sleeping pattern and happily started solids, out come those little pearly whites!
The position of teeth depends on the function of the lips, tongue and cheek. The way the baby teeth erupt does not determine their final position.
Regular dental visits are ideal to ensure that your child remains cavity free & receives hygiene instructions to maintain healthy gums.
You may find it hard to believe that breathing issues are one of the factors that affect body weight, albeit indirectly.
Tooth decay happens when plaque settles on teeth when we consume sugary, starchy food. Tooth decay can appear in both children and adults.
Periodontal disease is an inflammatory disease that can lead to the destruction of surrounding tissues and bone that support the teeth
Besides getting your wisdom teeth removed, what could happen if you ignore losing one or more of your other 28 teeth?
Severe pulp inflammation and dental infection, typically require treatment in the form of a root canal treatment or extraction.
This eye-opening and detailed explanation about the tongue and its connection to sleep, oral health and posture will convince you that the tongue isn’t just a sensory muscular organ!

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