How Much Does A Wisdom Tooth Extraction Cost In Singapore? A Complete Breakdown

How Much Does A Wisdom Tooth Extraction Cost In Singapore? A Complete Breakdown

How Much Does A Wisdom Tooth Extraction Cost In Singapore? A Complete Breakdown

Wisdom Tooth Extraction Cost Singapore

Picture this: you’re in your late teens or early twenties, cruising through life, when suddenly, a new set of teeth emerges at the farthest corners of your mouth. Introducing the enigmatic third molars, better known as wisdom teeth.

When there is insufficient room in the jaw to accommodate them, wisdom teeth become impacted within the gums. Other times, they grow at an abnormal angle, pressing against your regular teeth. Wisdom teeth are hard to clean and more prone to developing decay than other teeth. 

When your wisdom teeth are impacted, hurting, or infected, your dentist will recommend you have them taken out before the decay spreads to other teeth. You might even be referred to an oral surgeon if the tooth is impacted deep within your gums. 

The cost of wisdom teeth extraction depends on whether you need a simple extraction for a visible tooth or oral surgery for an impacted one. You can expect to pay between $200 and $1,200 for wisdom teeth removal. The cost of anaesthesia and your doctor’s experience may further influence this price.

In the ideal case, your insurance will cover much of your treatment cost. Some insurances pay the total price for removing wisdom teeth, while others contribute only a tiny percentage. 

Let’s look at what a wisdom tooth extraction is, who needs it, and how much it costs in Singapore in 2023.


What Is Wisdom Tooth Extraction? 

Wisdom Tooth Extraction Cost Singapore

Impacted wisdom teeth don’t have enough room to emerge correctly in your mouth. They frequently become affected and infected and cause all sorts of problems.

Wisdom teeth are located at the farthest end of your mouth, making them hard to clean and more prone to infection.

Wisdom teeth may remain partially or entirely impacted within your gums. However, when they do come out, they are often crooked and push against your regular teeth to cause significant pain. 

Impacted wisdom teeth can cause the following issues: 

  • Pain or swelling around the jaw
  • Difficulty in opening the mouth
  • Bad breath 
  • Tooth decay may spread to the surrounding tissue. 

A wisdom tooth that has emerged through the gums can be extracted without surgery. It is a relatively simple procedure requiring a little recovery time. However, suppose your wisdom tooth is still covered with gums, is embedded deep into the gums, or is coming out at an abnormal angle; surgery will be the only way to resolve the issue. In that case, you will be referred to an oral surgeon for cutting out your wisdom tooth.


What Happens If The Wisdom Tooth Is Not Removed?

If you don’t remove your wisdom teeth before they begin to degrade your second molars, there is a decent chance that you will remove them too later. This is because these teeth often develop decay leading to abscess formation that can quickly involve other teeth.

Wisdom Tooth Extraction Procedure 

Impacted Wisdom Teeth

If you have sore jaws, toothache, or swelling at the back of your mouth, it’s likely due to an impacted wisdom tooth. It’s better to have your wisdom tooth taken out as soon as it begins to cause problems, as early extractions are associated with fewer complications and faster recovery time. 

Here is what your treatment plan will look like at DP Dental.

Initial Consultation 

Wisdom Teeth

During the initial consultation, we will thoroughly assess your condition to determine whether your tooth can be left in place or if extraction is essential. 

Your doctor will decide whether you need a wisdom tooth extraction by:

  • Asking about your symptoms
  • Through oral examination to assess tooth damage.
  • Dental X-Rays to determine the location and positioning of your teeth and jaw.

During the initial consultation, make sure to talk about any health concerns that you have or any medicines that you take.

If impacted teeth cause your symptoms at the back of your mouth, and your other teeth are at risk of decay due to that, we recommend you get those teeth taken out.


Since removing a tooth hidden under the gums is a complicated surgical procedure, it is generally performed under local anaesthesia. If dental procedures make you nervous, you can also request sedation or IV Anaesthetics. With IV Anaesthetics agents, you will remain unconscious throughout the process and wake up in a recovery room an hour or so after the impacted tooth is taken out.

Non-surgical Wisdom Tooth Extraction

If your wisdom teeth have emerged through the gums, they will be removed through simple extraction. Extraction is an outpatient procedure in which your teeth are grasped using a pair of forceps, moved back and forth until they are loosened, and finally, pulled out. It is the quickest method of pulling out a tooth and takes only 20 to 40 to complete.

Wisdom Tooth Surgery 

A fully impacted wisdom tooth buried deep into the gums or bones requires more than a simple extraction procedure. Since this process involves cutting through your gums and drilling your jawbones before stitching them up, it is performed by an oral surgeon. 

During your wisdom tooth surgery at DP Dental, we will:

  • Incise the gums around your teeth to expose the submerged tooth surgically.
  • Break the teeth into small pieces so that they are easier to remove one part at a time until all fragments are taken out.
  • Suture the extraction site and close them off for better healing. The sutures are dissolvable in most cases, and they usually disappear within a few days.

The entire procedure for the wisdom tooth extraction takes about one hour to complete. It might take up to half an hour more than the usual time in more complex cases.

How long does it take to heal?

Wisdom Tooth Severe Pain

Most people experience little or no pain following a wisdom tooth extraction

However, you may have swelling or mild discomfort for three days to about a week until they go away.

Since everyone responds differently to anaesthesia, be sure to have someone drive you home in case sedatives take longer to wear off.

Studies suggest that extraction is much less painful than living with impacted teeth.

Now is the time to consume a soft diet, rest, and drink plenty of water. Take the prescribed antibiotics and pain-relieving medications, and use cold compresses to accelerate healing.


How Much Does A Wisdom Tooth Extraction Cost In Singapore? 

Many factors determine the cost of wisdom tooth extraction, including the number of impacted teeth, your insurance policy, and even your age. Jawbones are more elastic when you are young, and surgery is more accessible during this age.

Secondly, wisdom teeth that are irregular in shape and located deep into the gums are harder to access and cost more.

Non-surgical extractions are generally much more affordable than surgical ones, ranging from $200 to $300 per tooth on average.

If you are going to have wisdom tooth surgery, you should expect to shell out more. Wisdom tooth surgeries cost anywhere between $800 to $1,200 based on several factors, such as the complexity of the surgery and your doctor’s experience. 

Adding the initial consultation and anaesthesia cost to the picture, you can expect to pay slightly more for the total procedure. 

Impacted wisdom teeth can be extremely painful or remain asymptomatic. The best time to remove impacted wisdom teeth is at a younger age, preferably when the problem has started.

 Studies suggest that taking out wisdom teeth before they cause potential complications is less painful and cost-effective in the long run.

Are you looking for a cost-effective wisdom tooth extraction in Singapore? Book an appointment with DP Dental.

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