Dr Loh Ee Tyug

Clinical Director, DP Dental Katong

About Dr Loh Ee Tyug

Dr. Loh Ee Tyug serves as the Clinical Director at DP Dental Katong. She earned her Bachelor of Dental Surgery from the National University of Singapore in 2001, where she received numerous awards, including the FAC Ohlers Award for the Best Clinical Student.

Dr Loh remains at the forefront of her field, consistently enhancing her skills and knowledge through ongoing education, both locally and internationally. Her expertise spans various areas, including implantology, CAD/CAM ceramic, TMD, occlusion and gnathology, Invisalign, aesthetic dentistry, Myobrace, myofunctional habit corrections, and dental sleep medicine.

Dr Loh is a firm believer of the philosophy “Prevention is better than Cure”. She has attended Myobrace Training in Australia alongside DP Dental’s directors to train in myofunctional habit corrections and early intervention. 

Additionally, Dr Loh holds a special interest in TMD and has completed TMD courses in the USA. She is dedicated to resolving pain through functional and minimally invasive dentistry, by emphasising the identification and treatment of root causes.

Areas of Special Interest

  • TMD Management
  • Teeth Straightening with Invisalign
  • Early Intervention with Myofunctional Therapy and Teeth Straightening in Children

  • Snoring and Dental Sleep Medicine

  • Functional Aesthetic Dentistry

Other Areas of Interest

Beyond dentistry, Dr Loh finds joy in travelling,  and exploring the outdoors with her family.

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