Dr Shaun Wong

Associate Dentist At DP Dental

About Dr Shaun Wong

Dr Shaun Wong is a distinguished graduate of The University of Queensland School of Dentistry, where he earned his degree with honours.

Working in the diverse communities of Brisbane and rural Queensland, he gained invaluable experience in different aspects of dentistry following graduation.

Dr Shaun’s extensive training in various private and public institutes and exceptional communication skills make him an invaluable part of our dental team.


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Dr Shaun’s primary areas of interest are aesthetic restorative dentistry and occlusion, which require a delicate balance between art and science. Dr Shaun loves integrating technology into treatment, allowing him to provide long-lasting, least-invasive treatments to his patients. He has honed his skills in routine and complex dental procedures such as crowns, bridges, wisdom tooth surgery, dental implants, and orthodontics.

Dr Shaun’s passion for biomimetic dentistry and restoring teeth to their natural appearance and strength set him apart. Using cutting-edge technology, such as intraoral scanners, lasers, and precision-milled ceramics (CEREC), he is proficient in promoting oral health and longevity by rehabilitating teeth, restoring them to their natural beauty and function, and minimising the need for invasive procedures, such as crowns or extractions.

Dr Shaun is also keenly interested in Endodontics (Root Canal Treatment). He received the Colgate-Palmolive research grant for his honours research paper, which explored the use of next-generation root-filling materials.

Dr Shaun’s experience working with different communities around Queensland and under the able guidance of various specialists and experienced clinicians in Australia has taught him the importance of clear and effective communication. His values align closely with DP Dental’s ethical, science-backed, and patient-centric care philosophy.

Services Offered By Dr Shaun Wong

  • Restorative dentistry
  • Wisdom tooth removal
  • Dental prosthetics (Dental implants and removable dentures)
  • Endodontics (Root canal treatment)
  • Paediatric Dentistry (Children/adolescents)
  • Invisalign Clear aligner therapy
  • Aesthetic dentistry (whitening, composite bonding, veneers)
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Other Areas of Interest

Outside of dentistry, Dr Shaun enjoys spending time with his family, serving in church, and sharing meals with friends.
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